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Re-Accreditation IMDI Skill Set

  • Course Length 3 days
  • Taught Hours 24
  • Practical Assessment Yes
  • Knowledge Assessment Yes

Target Audience

If you have previously completed nationally recognised training for the Installation, Maintenance and Detailed Inspection skill set and have been working in the EEHA industry over the past 3 or more years, you are eligible to enrol in the IMDI Re-Accreditation course. Delivery consists of 2 Options; A. 3 day classroomtraining and assessments in our purpose built EEHA workshop or B. Access to MOXI's Cloud Assessment Portal to complete the assessments and provide evidence at your own pace (NOT ELEARNING); both options support a competent learner to be certified against the applicable competencies and update the currency of their IMDI skill set. In accordance with AS/NZS 60079.14; appropriate continuing education or training shall be undertaken by personnel on a regular basis.

Selection Requirements

To be eligible to enrol in this program participants MUST:

  • Have a previously issued Statement of Attainment from an RTO for the Installation, Maintenanceand Detailed Inspection (IMDI) skill set as per the UEE or earlier HA training package or earliertraining packages plus adequate work experience.
  • Maintain a current and valid Australian Electrical License
  • Have the application of your EEHA skills confirmed by a current employer.

Units of Competency

  • UEECD0011 - Comply with scheduled and preventative maintenance program processes
  • UEECO0002 - Maintain documentation
  • UEEHA0004 - Enter a classified hazardous area to undertake work related to electrical equipment.
  • UEEHA0020 - Conduct detailed inspection of electrical installations for hazardous areas.
  • UEEHA0022 - Determine the explosion-protection requirements to meet a specified classified hazardous area.
  • UEEHA0025 - Install explosion-protected equipment and associated apparatus and wiring system.
  • UEEHA0026 - Maintain equipment associated with hazardous areas.
  • UEEHA0027 - Manage continuous supervision inspection of electrical installations for hazardous areas.
  • UEEHA0038 - Conduct visual and close inspection of electrical installations for hazardous areas.

Course Content

This skill set updates the learner with current EEHA knowledge and addresses hazardous area specific changes which occurred over the past few years. After completing, learners will demonstrate the application of practical skills and underpinning knowledge against installation, testing, maintenance, visual and detailed inspection requirements in alignment with the relevant AS/NZ Standards.


MOXI’s courses contain in depth theory components. When completed on site, participants are required to submit evidence of practical assessments and application of skills where access to plant and/or machinery is not available during the course.


Statement of Attainment in partial completion of the Certificate IV in Hazardous Areas – Electrical (UEE42622) for holders of an Unrestricted E/L


Certificate of Competency in line with AS/NZS 4761 for those learners who hold an electrical qualification higher than AQF III level but not an Unrestricted E/L.

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