COVID-19 has upset all our lives and our once normal routines. MOXI has recognised our clients ability to attend training is not as easy as it once was and we are pleased to announce that we have developed two EEHA courses for our clients to access online during this difficult period.

We now offer online programmes for our ever popular IMDI course and the consistently in demand EEHA (IMDI) Reaccredditation course here on our website. Please contact MOXI at for more details.

MOXI Services


MOXI HA Services have extensive experience in installing and maintaining hazardous area electrical systems in both upstream and downstream facilities within the Australasia Oil & Gas business and also across various industrial environments from pharmaceuticals to distilleries and into Mining etc.

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MOXI Services


MOXI Hazardous Areas Services offer clients a full range of hazardous area electrical services across a wide aspect of electrical systems, including installation, maintenance, inspections, electrical equipment design reviews and classification of hazardous areas along with dossier build support and maintenance.

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MOXI Services


MOXI courses are tried and tested and under constant review to ensure relevance, accuracy and to ensure our clients enjoy peace of mind knowing they are receiving the best training available. Our instructors are field experienced and constantly practising their EEHA Skills and competencies; MOXI is recognized as the premier EEHA Training provider in Australasia.

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