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Building a skilled, capable and experienced team of industry employees

Competent, well-informed and trained staff is a tremendous asset to any company or organisation. Competency-based training delivers knowledge, practical skills and expertise to your employees to carry out a given task to a specific industry, professional or company standard.

MOXI specialise in the development, delivery and management of competency for the resources sector and is arguably Australia’s largest provider of competency-based training for Electrical Equipment in Hazardous Areas (EEHA).

There is tremendous support for competency based education within industry and industry competency models have been developed for a number of areas including:

  • Energy
  • Oil & Gas
  • Mining & Minerals
  • Manufacturing
  • Heavy Construction
  • Residential Construction
  • IT
  • Hospitality
  • Retail

As an experienced training provider, MOXI can help you fully utilise the benefits of competency for your workplace. Working with you, MOXI can efficiently assess your company requirements and implement a working competency framework.

Why provide competency-based training and competency assessment to your employees? 

Competency has the ability to

  • Reduce the amount of training required
  • Reduce business and company risk
  • Improve organisational performance
  • Improve productivity
  • Improve safety
  • Improve employee retention
  • Reduce employee turnover
  • Improve human relations

Competency Defined

Competency is a level of achievement that can be based on a specific set of skills or discipline, occupation or job role. Some areas of competency such as EEHA, due to their impact on the safety of people and assets, are a regulatory requirement.

Reduce Risk, Improve Performance

Company boards and organisational management are on an increasing basis using competency training and competency assessment to reduce risk and improve performance by developing competency frameworks and ensuring that only competent personnel are allowed to work in their business. Competency frameworks are a roadmap of the all the skills a job role requires and are used to manage and guide training towards an outcome; a competent person for that job role.

HR and Competency

Competency frameworks can at even a basic level provide tremendous support for human relations and the development of people and skills in an organisation. At a well organised and methodical level, competency can transform organisational and human development, and can nurture and lead to exceptional human and organisational performance.

For example, EEHA is a vocational or occupational competence aimed at technical ability, other forms of competency exist. Most types of competencies are largely oriented towards soft skills such as traits, habits, emotions and interactions, or hard skills such as mathematical, chemical, electrical and mechanical.

Typically, competency frameworks have competencies organised into levels, some which are industry wide, and some that are organisation or company based.

General competency framework levels include:

  • Management Competencies
  • Occupation Specific Competencies
  • Occupational Specific Knowledge Competencies
  • Occupation Specific Technical Competencies
  • Industry Specific Technical Competencies
  • Industry Wide Technical Competencies
  • Workplace Competencies
  • Academic Competencies
  • Personal Competencies

Want to find out more about competency-based training? MOXI is your leading industry provider of competency-based training. We help you train and equip confident and competent employees so that your workplace is productive, safe and efficient. Talk to us today about our variety of training courses and services.